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AnnieWelcome to Moosewood Farm's home on the web. Pages are hand coded in HTML by Jeanne (yep, the hard way.) Our little homestead is located in the farming belt of the Matanuska Valley in Palmer, Alaska. When we settled down here, after spending 5 years in the alaskan *bush*, we decided it was time to get back to a road system. We have had horses since we moved here in 85, and were drawn to the appaloosa breed by the fantastic variety of colors and packaging they came in. The Sport Horse type is our preferred Appaloosa since we competed in Competitive Trail, Paper Chases, enjoyed all day rides, over night camping and hunting with our horses. They had to have the build for all day work, which requires long smooth muscling that doesn't tire as easily as the heavily muscled Quarter Horse body types. Over the years, we breed several beautiful horses, and really loved that time in our lives.
Due to getting older and having back and knee problems, we are not as involved with the horses as we used to be. We lost old Jazz in October of 07 when his back problems from racing as a youngster finally lamed him up too much to get through the winters. Annie is living on a ranch in Oregon, Jobey is now a teenage girl's love of her life; a perfect home for him. We spend most of our free time now and days, training, showing and doing things with our Boxers, which we first got in 97. You might say, they have taken over our lives, which is a good thing.

The Boxer Pages
We breed and show quality Boxer Dogs. To see our first litter, born 9-1-99, go to the Puppy Page. On 3-24-02, Moosewood's Night Raider (Harry), our homebred boy, earned his Championship, our first CH from our first litter. Read a diary of our beginning foray into the world of dog showing. We take puppy and rescue applications on the boxer page and will post updates on Our Puppy Pages.

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Doane Chamiss Me *Annie*
Winchester Bey (AHR) x Cosmos Lacy Cloud
One of our homebred sporthorses

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2yrs 2 weeks Annie at 2 years old and as a weanling with Lacy.

Winnie & Annie

Latest News!

A page has been added for rescue boxers and boxers looking for a new home.
Our first entry was a fawn girl, hit by a car and signed over by the owner to Animal Control. Read her story: Here. She found a wonderful new home with one of our generous donators in Anchorage. Sadly, they lost her to heart issues several years later.

Moosewood Farm is pleased to announce the web page of the fabulous equine artist Margareth Swiertok. She has produced many truly beautiful works of art, some of which are featured on our pages. She will also do custom work of your horse.

The summer of 2000, we acquired an older gentleman, 25yo Bacardi Fizz, a bay arab stallion of CMK breeding. His owner, a long time friend, had lung cancer, and was looking for just the right final home for him before she died. We were blessed with being her choice for this fine old man. Here's analbum of a few pictures.
After a year of good nutrition, Bacardi blossomed into a beautiful stallion who looked half his age. Other than some arthitis in his hocks and knees, he aged very well, better than Jazz who is 6 years his junior. He also sired a lovely filly out of Lacy, which sadly, was to be his last foal. As such, we named her Bacardi's Finale Finis. Bacardi Fizz was put down due to complications from colic treatment on 7-18-02. We miss him.

The *Stuff* Page

I occasionally post things for sale here; everything from art items I design like barrettes from old jewerly and crystal beads, new jewelry I design, to garage sale stuff I don't need. You can also look us up on Ebay!

NEW page: Essay on pet ownership

Thinking of a Xmas or gift puppy? Read here first!

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Appaloosa Coloring Book Pages Print out pages of appy horses to color!

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Bey Shaman x Cosmo's Lacy Cloud
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There's nothing quite like new baby smell!
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new foal
Cosmo's Lacy Cloud and her first born son

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