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A diary of the ups and downs of dog showing.

NOTE: on Sunday, 3-24-02, Harry earned his American CH!

Am CH/ Int'l (UCI) CH Moosewoods Night Raider
OFA Cardiac clear by color Doppler

& Int'l (UCI) CH Moosewoods Black Saphyre
OFA Cardiac Clear by Auscultation

Sophie This is Moosewoods Black Saphyre, Sophie for short. She is lean in build, (we call her our ballerina,) and at 5 months, she weighed 39 pounds; at 6 months, she was 44.5 pounds, and at one year hit almost 53 pounds. A reverse brindle, she has a tight bite and feet, fabulous top line, excellent bone, and will be tall. She is a very classy looking girl! She is also very insistant on getting your attention, giving kisses, being held, and was the first puppy to jump off the floor looking to get picked up and learned to fetch at 3 1/2 weeks! Sophie will look you right in the eye without flinching, and is quite forward in her attitude. She has natural show attitude with gorgeous gaits, and is turning out to be very easy to work with. She will be entered in her first show, May 2000-Fairbanks, if all goes well.

No Way!
Sophie making faces at Roger. Is it garlic breath?

Harry This is Moosewood's Night Raider, or Harry as he is affectionately known. Harry is a full brother to Sophie, and a flashy brindle male. He is currently cultivating himself as a lap dog, but rapidly outgrowing our inadequate laps much to his dismay as at 6 months he weighed in at 44.6 pounds. At one year, he has hit 56 pounds. Harry has been a challenge as he finds all sorts of things are more interesting than learning to show! He's not as smart as his sister but he's very lovable. He is making good progress in his showing classes with Roger, and will be entered in the March show with his owner, Roger, showing in his first show, also.

Harry went Reserve Winner's Dog in a Major, at less than 7 months old, on March 26th under Judge Loraine Boutwell! The judge complimented Roger on Harry's quality when she presented the ribbon and said he will mature into a *really, really nice* dog.
Harry might not make it to the Fairbanks show, as he had an accident May 2. While running full speed in the yard playing, he didn't pay attention and ran right into his sister. As a result, he suffered a non-displaced fracture to the radius bone below the elbow. He's on crate rest and limited movement. We are hoping it is healed enough in 4 weeks to go to the show. If not, then Sophie will fly solo.

Res Winner's Dog ready for the ring a good day

Mr Handsome
Harry is so handsome, we had to include another picture!

May 23: Harry was still lame for the Fairbanks show in May, so Sophie was shown alone. She decided, for some unknown reason, that certain people (mostly men) , were bad news. We think she was over loaded with too many new things; a trip, camping, busy show grounds, and a small crowded and very noisy show hall. Roger worked with her extensively, taking her for walks, asking people to pet and touch her, and entering her in a fun match judged by the handler who had been teaching us to show. On the third day, she settled down, and actually seemed to enjoy herself with the female judge. She did not place, but we considered the weekend a success anyway.

June 25:
Anchorage show A successful weekend. Harry was sound enough to show at the Anchorage show. The first day, he took Reserve Winner's Dog under judge Jane Treiber. He also took Best Boxer Puppy in the Puppy Sweepstakes in a class of 6. The second day, Harry went Winner's Dog for his first 2 points under judge Donald Booxbaum. Show Photo The judge kindly gave Roger some handling pointers, and complimented us on Harry's quality, especially for a 9 1/2 month old puppy. In BOB competition, he placed in the middle of the class. Mrs Booxbaum, who was also at the show, was extremely complimentary of both puppies, and chatted with both of us. Sophie did not place in her classes, but was much more confident at this show. She shied at only 2 people outside the ring, both were men and smokers. She did warm up to both after coaxing, so she continues to show marked improvement. The judge said she's a lovely mover, and will be very nice after she matures some more, but she currently is still very puppyish in appearance. Sophie and Harry's next show will be Kenai in 2 weeks.

July 9
A great weekend down in Kenai. The first day was a bust for both dogs, so we walked and played with them, explored the vendors, spent money, and waited for the next day's show. Saturday was more encouraging. Harry went Reserve Winner's Dog under judge Charles Mulock (his third Reserve so far.) Sophie showed very well, but was not put up. Sunday went even better for us. Harry went Best of Winners under Judge Marion Dee Ward-Fanning. She was very excited by him, and said he had a lot of potential. I was holding my breath during the BOB class, as she was taking a lot of time to place the dogs, which was nerve wracking for us. We talked to her after photos about Harry and Sophie. See Photo She liked Sophie, but agreed with my assessment that her head was her weakest feature. Her body and movement, however, are very fine, and she told me Sophie would be an excellent addition to a breeding program crossed with a male that is strong in the head. She said you can improve a head in one generation, but to improve a body takes much longer. Being plain, she will be great for flashy crosses as we should not get any white puppies from it. She also told us she was a boxer breeder, so her excitement over Harry was a wonderful boost for us.

July 21-24: The Alle Rasse Gruppe International show was the most fun we have had at a dog show yet! It was casual, slow paced, and friendly. The judges were all very nice and talkative, and our second day judge was a boxer breeder. We took only Harry the first day as we weren't sure what to expect, but decided we would enter all 3 dogs (including mom, Rosie) for the remaining 3 days. Rosie, who I have never worked with in conformation style (having done only OB with her) was a trooper out there. All dogs got the highest rating for every day they were shown. Harry won 3 BOB, 2 group 3's and the only bred by class we made it to, he got second. While showing Sophie to the Boxer breeder judge, I talked with her extensively about all 3 dogs, and their strengths and weaknesses. She pointed to bone structure and helped me to further understand how to evaluate head and shoulders (she was a stickler for shoulders), and we also talked about good breeding choices for the girls. After our discussion, we are seriously considering English cross to Rosie for our next litter! We talked about show politics and other things with judges who were done, learned a lot, got a lot of encouragement. Both pups were labeled very promising by the judges, and Rosie a pleasing young bitch. Can you tell we are happy? Harry now has Puppy International Ch, Sophie (after 3 days) has her Puppy International CH, and Rosie qualifies for her International CH as well. We will consider continuing her International titles next year.

Nov 5, 2000 The CIKC show was this day, at the Palmer fairgrounds, close to our home. It's a one day, small show, and a nice break from the dreary winter days. We entered Harry and Sophie in Bred By, went early and watched some of the other working breeds being shown. Both pups were very excited to be there, even though it was a bit hot and crowded in the building. Harry showed well, although the judge told Roger he had him on too short a lead to move well. Harry did not place, but as always, he enjoyed himself in the ring. Sophie had her best turn out ever. Despite the crowded, noisy hall, Sophie was happy and together for this show. There were only 3 bitches entered, so not much in the way of competition. Sophie strutted, showed off, liked the judge and was a happy girl in the ring, we are so proud of her! She got a Reserve, her first ribbon, losing to a more mature bitch. All in all, a nice day at the show over all.

Jan 13, 2001 We took Harry to the Kenai Kennel Club show in Anchorage this day. Our judge that day was Lowel K. Davis. Roger and Harry hadn't practiced at all since the Nov show, and Roger was pretty rusty On his handling, and had problems stacking Harry correctly. Despite this, Mr Davis liked Harry, and awarded him not only Winner's Dog, but Best of Winners (pic). Harry was excited, as the Egan Center, where the show is held, is small and gets very crowded and noisy, but he remembered all the months of puppy lessons and deported himself well in the ring. When I told Roger to just let Harry stack himself naturally, they both looked much better. Show photo coming soon! This makes 6 points for Harry so far, now if we could just get more boxers in our shows. Anyone who wants to come up, we will make you most welcome and give you the five dollar tour! Our next show will be March 31 and April 1 in Anchorage at the Egan Center again. We will also be going to Boise, Idaho to visit family, and taking Harry and Sophie for a 4 day show in Lewiston April 20th- 23rd. Roger swears he will prepare better this time by going to the show and go's put on by the local kennel club.

3-31-01 Tanana Valley Kennel Club: Harry won his class (bred by exhibitor) over an older dog, then won Winner's Dog and ended up with Best of Winner's under Judge, Chuck Doran. Mr Doran was a great judgeto show under. He was kind to the exhibitors, and gentle with the dogs. When Sophie wasn't sure if he was going to eat her or not, he took extra time to feed her a treat and make her comfortable (so much so she was going up to him like a long lost buddy!) He chatted with us a bit about his breeding and judging years while we were waiting for the photographer. We would definately recommend him to anyone showing, especially novices.
Sophie and new fan 4-01-01 On sunday at the Alaska Kennel Club Show, Harry once again cleaned up under Judge L. M. Riddle, going BOW for a second day in a row! This was another nice and patient judge, and we enjoyed showing the dogs to her. Sophie looked fabulous in the ring, moving out strongly and beautifully. She got lots of great comments from spectators and her small crowd of loyal kids and adults, but no ribbons. Sophie didn't care, though, as she got more than enough attention and face licking in to make her happy.

May 26, 27, 28: Tanana Valley Kennel Club
On 5-25, we packed up the camper and headed to Fairbanks. This was the show we had to pull Harry from last year after he broke his leg. We took Harry and the new puppy, Sassy, as we needed to take care of her new ear crop. Rosie and Sophie stayed at home this time. On the first day, we got dumped after winning our BBE (Bred by Exhibitor) class, so we spent money with the vendors, and visited with a few people we hadn't seen in a long time. I bought a couple Red Barn food rolls from the distributor there, as I found that Harry will eat those enthusiastically when away from home, when he turns his nose up at his kibble. Since we are trying to get weight on Harry, it's important that he keep eating at the shows. Having Sassy there definately brightened him up, as he spent a lot of time playing with her (and being a puppy chew toy.)
We did better on Sunday under judge Rogert Gilham. Harry went first in BBE, Winner's Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite. His BOS placing gave us 3 points, enough for his first Major. Roger was especially excited, as he had worked very hard to learn how to present and show Harry, and this has been his most prestigious win so far. (Picture)
On Monday, we showed under judge Kenneth Buxton. Harry got first in BBE, Winners Dog and Best of Winners. This was worth 2 points, bring Harry to a total of 15 points and one Major. He is now only one Major away from his Championship. This is wonderful as he has been totally owner handled in Puppy and BBE classes, is our first show dog from our first litter from our foundation bitch. Next show will be June 23 & 24 in Anchorage.

June 23/24, 2001 Alaska Kennel Club: On Saturday, Harry got Reserve from the BBE class under Dorothy O Hutchinson, losing to a friend from Fairbanks who did very well that day. On Sunday, Harry got Best of Winners under judge Robert Sharp for 2 points, unfortunately, there were not enough dogs for a major. He was also best Bred By Boxer for the special BBE in show competition that day.

July 13-15 This was the Kenai Kennel Club show in Soldtna. This show was the maiden voyage of our new (to us) fifth wheel trailer. I decided we needed to move up from the 8' camper as it was getting pretty cramped with all the boxers growing up and getting bigger. So, after finally receiving the hitch in the mail at the last minute and getting it installed, we went off on our road trip. Sophie had gone into heat before the show, which gave Harry a one track mind (and it didn't include eating), so Harry lost weight before the show. Sophie was entered as a young teenage friend really wanted to show her. The first day, Harry went BOS, but unfortunately, only 8 boxers showed up for this show, so it was only 2 points yet again. That puts Harry up to 19 points. The judge afterwards told us Harry would have been her BOB pick except for his weight. That was disappointing news, while at the same time heartening. Several dogs around us got diarreah that night and Harry was one of them. Despite treating with Immodeum, he lost more weight, and didn't feel good so didn't do as well the next 2 days. A suggestion was given to us to try feeding him canned pumpkin, so we went into town and bought a can. I made him eat some, and by the next morning his stools had firmed up. I don't know whether it was the pumpkin, the Immodeum or both that helped.
Sophie showed her heart out on the 2 days I let our young friend show her, but did not place. My friend was upset, and I tried to console her with the thought that Sophie's greatest time is had out of the ring smoozing with all the kids and people. Saturday evening, the boxer club had a fun match, so I entered Sophie and Rosie (Harry was resting). The judge had boned up on the boxer standard, and in a class of 8 bitches, placed Sophie second. It was interesting that judged strictly against the standard, Sophie would do so well. Rosie didn't do so well, blowing her OB class by being totally distracted by interesting smells in the grass.
The new trailer was great! We had so much room, it felt like a palace, and the dogs were comfortable and right at home. Here's a picture of Harry sleeping in the trailer with his head hanging over the step to the bedroom.

July 21-22 Alle Rasse Groupe International Show. This is the show we had so much fun at last year. We told many of our friends who are new to showing about it, and they decided to give it a try, also. All had a blast at the show, and some brought more dogs to show the second day. Roger showed Harry and I showed Sophie. Sophie, the first day, went best of Breed in the first 2 shows under judges John Rowton and Linton Moustakis. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Both dogs also got their V1 rating (best). The second day under Mr and Mrs Froehlich, both dogs again got their V1 rating. This now gives Sophie and Harry both their Puppy and Adult International Championships through UCI. Next year, we will continue the climb up the title ladder with Sophie, Rosie and Harry. This show was just as much fun as the first; laid back, low key, and lots of friendly people. Of all the shows we go to, this is the one we look forward to the most. This time, we meet a German gal with an imported German boxer puppy that was adorable. It was educational to see the differences between the American and German types, and to discuss how they do things in Europe compared to here.

CIKC show Aug 3-5, 2001 Cook Inlet Kennel Club
This is a 3 day show in our back yard. The first day, Harry got Reserve Winner's Dog under Mrs. Carolyn Thomas. On saturday, Harry got Winner's Dog under boxer breeder-judge Mr. Walter Pinsker, of Mephisto. We were very pleased with Harry's placement as Mr. Pinsker is a very tough judge. This gave Harry another 2 points as we were short of enough dogs for a major. Harry is now up to one major and 21 points. Our next show won't be until November, and it is usually a small one day.

Jan 26/27, 2002: Anchorage
Harry was looking great, but both days of this show Harry went Reserve Winner's Dog. The boxer showing was a very small one, without a major. Sassy (our Bayview Stride's Ahead daughter) was entered in this show, her first one. She did much better in the ring than we were expecting her to do, looking professional much of the time with only a few puppy hijinks. She won her class (9 to 12) one day, which wasn't too bad since she's been in a growth spurt and is somewhat thin. Rack up some more experience and look towards the March shows.

March 23/24 2002: Anchorage For this show, we had a video camera, so on Saturday, we had the whole boxer class taped. Roger was nervous as this was a 4pt major! The first good major we've had in a long time. As a result, he was trying too hard with Harry and flubbed up in the ring failing to place. Conversely, since our expectations for Sassy were for her to just show well with puppy fits, he was much more relaxed with her and did a good job, winning her class (12 to 18 mo.) When we got home that afternoon, we looked at the tape of the class, and he saw all the errors he was making on Harry's stacking. So, since this was a major, we bit the bullet and asked a daughter of a friend to show him for us. Caitlin is only 14, but has been showing dogs most of her life. She was nervous, too, but did a professional job with Harry going Winner's Dog. To get the major, though, he had to be BOW as it was the girls with the major, so after much emotional support by me, Caitlin went back into the ring with Harry, and got BOW. We were all bowled over and it took a minute for it to sink in that Harry *finally* got his last major.
We can't express to those just learning to show how that felt after 2 years of working towards it, and the frustrations of show after show not getting enough entries for a major. So now we have a Champion, from our very first breeding with our foundation bitch (photo).
At this show, Sassy won her class on one day and got a second on the other day.

doggy kiss
Doggy kisses, why we love our boxers.

We would like to thank Beth Pariseau of Bix-L Boxers for selling us our foundation Bitch, Rosie, and encouraging us to continue with showing and future breeding of Boxers when we became discouraged by the politics of other breeders. With her guidance, we strive to be positive contributors to the Boxer breed. Beth has been a mentor, a pillar of support, and a fountain of genetic knowledge. Beth and Kti Jensen of Global Boxers, helped us with our breeding to CH Bayview Strides Ahead, and our latest litter by Faerdorn Foggs Rising Star, a British import (Jammer). We have great expectations for the fabulous puppy in the Strider litter, Sassy (see her web page! She is the product of line breeding through her mother's grandsire, BK Kahuna. We are currently raising up a litter of 5 from the Jammer breeding, and at 1 1/2 weeks old, you can already tell they are different from straight American boxers.

Pedigree of Harry and Sophie

Harry is Currently OFA heart/hips norm/good, color Doppler heart normal, holter passed. Harry was the first Boxer in Alaska to have a doppler done.

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