Merry Xmas

Our first ferret, Cookie. She showed up lost and adopted us when her family couldn't be found. Ferrets are little bundles of total joy.
Died of cancer 1-00

Bugsy, our pound kitty (1981-1995).
All she needs in this pic is a beer and nuts!

Ch.Bix-L's Ricochet to Greyhawk
Rosie's littermate

baby Rosie
Rosie as a baby! Awww

baby Rosie

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Supreme Grand Champion
Glacier Hall's Stasha of Ambrosia

Supreme Grand Master (TICA)

MyTy's Sir Leroy Brown of Ambrosia
6-16-88 to 8-26-02

Our faithful boxer, Rosie with one of her favorite toys on her warm lambskin rug.

Rosie and Ruebi
Rosie playing with her ferret friend Ruebi. They play pretty rough with each other, but both love it!

Rosie playing tug with her best friend, Marcy from next door.

Rosie playing in the snow after a storm.
Her first experience with deep snow, she thought dry water was okay!

After a hard day of playing, time to crash.

PG Rosie
Rosie a couple days before the birth of her first litter. Not bad for a very PG lady.

Rosie and Kittens

Rosie's practice litter, a couple of orphaned kittens.
The Puppy Page, for pictures of Rosie and her puppies born 9-1-99.

Rosie's Pedigree