Barrettes are french clips unless stated otherwise. Various attachment methods are used, the most common being a flexible glue. Since these are mostly made with old vintage jewelry, they are delicate and will not withstand very rough handling, especially rhinestone pieces. When signed jewelry is used, I will add the name to the description. If you are looking for something special, email me, and I will see what I can do.

A more modern pin, 3 horses and horseshoes.
#1-PRICE: Sold
2 pr pearl earrings, 1 pr vintage flowers & rhinestones on 2 1/2" french barrette.
#2-PRICE: Sold
Very old pot metal pin, on 3" french barrette. I added enamel accents.
#3-PRICE: Sold
Romantic pink cameo on 3" french barrette. 2 pins and one pr earrings.
Vintage rhinestones and 1 pr earrings on 2 1/2" french barrette. Elegant!
Vintage sweater clips and confetti earring on 3" french barrette. Very unusual!

If you are interested in something listed,or would like something custom made, contact me and I will get right back to you.

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