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To find out about different dog *registries* and what the differences are: Essay on Registries

For education on how a boxer should look go to the World Wide Boxer web pages. They have one of the best sites for this. Next read Are You Ready For a Puppy? If you can read that and honestly say *yes* then you are ready to find out the most important subject: just what is life with a boxer really like?

A boxer is an elegant striking looking dog if bred well; but, it is also a dog for a certain type of dog owner. A boxer is definately *not* a dog for just anyone. Here are some traits every potential owner should be aware of:

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Recommeded Books on
Boxers, Training, Health,& Breeding

We have found these books to be very helpful in learning about Boxers, the best training methods, learning about conformation, shows and showing, genetics, and breeding information.

If you are new to dogs and-or puppies, this is a great book to start out with: A dog in the Family
Expanded Description:
"The best dog owners are as committed to their dogs as they are to other members of their family." A psychologist's guide to a happier, healthier relationship with your pet. Making choices, preventing problem behaviors, surviving puppyhood and adolescence, educating your dog, and dealing with all kinds of problems your dog may already have developed.

Boxers for Dummies
is a great starter book for those interested in getting their first Boxer or those looking for reference material.
World of the Boxer is a must have reference book with all kinds of information, including lots of pictures of dogs in many of our pedigrees today, training, puppies, history and more.
Mother Knows Best is one of the best puppy training manuals I have come across. I recommend it for all puppy buyers, along with Culture Clash for training. Starting *right* with a Boxer is very important, and those 2 books will definately help you do that.
The 2 showing books below are both for beginners, and do a great job of explaining how shows work, the points system, how to show your dog, and the politics of showing.
The Dog Owner's Veterinary Handbook is a must have for every dog owner, a great health and emergency reference book. Mine has had a lot of use, both for ourselves and friends.

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