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The e-list page for the chatters from the Sisters Stable. The e-list was created to help friends keep in touch with one another provided by One List services. The list owner is long time chatter, Jeanne from Alaska. Inquiries and questions about list usage and functions can be mailed to her at the below address.
Please remember to edit your replies to the list. Don't quote an entire previous message, edit all but the points you are replying to. This list is archived, so repetition in messages takes up much needed archive space.

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Some of the services available through the member page:

One list has a file sharing page for pictures. It can be accessed from your member page at one list. Enter your email and password on the onelist entrance page. It will take you to the member page where all the lists you belong to show. Click on sisters_chat to go to our page. There you may select from several available options, including bookmarks (web address of members), File sharing, archives, post a message, mail the owner.

You can upload scanned photos to the sisters file page very easily, just follow the page directions. Please limit the file K size, and upload in JPG or GIF format. If you have problems getting your picture right, email me or another list member with a photo program to fix it for you. When a file has been uploaded, one list automatically sends out a list mail informing everyone. Sisters File Page

Bookmarks page: this page is for the listing of web sites owned by Sisters_Chat members. It's very easy to add your site, just follow page directions.

Calendar: you can list upcoming events or even chat sessions at a chat room.

Survey: take a survey of the members on any topic you wish. Surveys can be multi-layered with multiple answers available. If anyone would like a survey done, contact me and we will set it up.

There is space on this page for small photos of the chatters. If you would like a photo of you here, please email me one. Size should be 200x200 pixels or less; I can adjust them if necessary.


Jeanne with one of her appaloosa babies and her foundation mare, Lacy,
whom she rescued from an abusive home at the tender age of 5 months.
Lacy now spends part of her time as a broodmare, making sure to keep
Jeanne sleep deprived at foaling time as she tries to sneak her foal
into the world.