Bacardi Photo Album
5-6-75 to 7-18-02

Bacardi right after we got him. Thin with rub marks from a halter, he was still full of life for a 25yo man. We found out his weight problem was from missing molars, an easy fix with a new diet.

Bacardi moving out in the corral, watching the other horses. Introducing himself to Winnie over the stock tank.

To put weight on Bacardi, we introduced him to fertilized pasture, senior pellet feed and soaked alf cubes. After 2 months, he had gained quite a bit of weight.

Bacardi sports the *human* eye and lots of chrome, which makes him ideal for color outcrosses. He was used in a pinto breeding program by his previous owner, and had an excellent color production. He will be 26 years old this spring, and is in great shape for his age. He's done so well, he actually needs to be put on a diet!

Bacardi enjoying old Jazz's company.

Winter fuzzy pictures now here!

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Spring of 2001
For a close up head shot

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