Birth of a Foal
A Pictorial

Presentation of the amniotic sack and the feet on the right.
Left, mare in throes of a hard push to deliver the shoulders. Notice her stiff legs as her whole body tightens up to push out the widest part of the foal.

Foal just delivered. Mother and new baby take a moment to rest. Foal still has amniotic sack around it's lower body with it's lower legs still inside the mare. During this time, the placenta finishes transfering blood to the foal.

Mom takes time to bond with her newborn through smell and licking him. The newborn foal is trying to make his various body parts work, starting with rolling on his chest and lifting his ears.

Foal rises to his feet after a half hour of struggle, balancing precariously on spread eagle legs. Mom gives encouragement, licking her foal, and reveling in his unique smell.

Final result, a healthy colt. Hooz Tardy: born 7-19, 1988

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