This page features dogs looking for foster or new homes and a few notable rescues we have had in the past.

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New: Successful adoptions

3-10-07: Olly was rescued by a local, and had been bounced around a few homes. His last home left an intestinal infection untreated, so when rescued he was under weight and in need of a vet. With medication, his condition was taken care of and he has gained weight up to about 75 pounds. He's a tall boy, and because of abandonment issues, suffers from separation anxiety. His basic training has also been neglected, and he is in need of Obedience classes which would also help his manners and self assurance levels.

UPDATE I met Olly today, and he really is a very sweet boy. He's basically untrained, but is very smart and will be very easy to work with. In the half hour I was with him, we worked on leash manners and starting to lay down. By the end of only a couple circuits of the area with a chain collar, his leading was already 75% better. We also worked on inappropriate whining for attention. He's very food motivated and willing to learn; both good attributes. He's a bit of a drooler. He has good conformation, although his nose is a bit long, he's a good looking and sturdy boy. He would take to jogging, hiking and even biking just fine. He's fine about being handled all over and even let me look into his mouth and at his teeth. He is going to make a really great dog for someone willing to put training into him as his basic personality (despite all the abandonment) is very good.

Adopted! Thanks to all who inquired about him.

3-28-07 Palmer: flashy brindle boy- no papers, 67 pounds, crated trained, basic obedience, good with kids, and other dogs (cats unknown), likes to play. Family dog and family is leaving the state and can't take him. Home found

5-01-07: Puppy, 4 mo old male we have named Oscar. Flashy fawn. He was owner released to rescue due to vet bills they said they could not pay, and is currently at our vet's while we figure out what is wrong with him. We could used some donations to the rescue fund as he will use up what little we have left in it after Olly's neutering. Alaska Equine and Sm Animal Hosp. Contact the hospital directly to donate; specify for Hale Boxer Rescue. We will post more information as we get it from the vet.



UPDATE: 5-2-07
Oscar doesn't appear to have a blockage, but he is sick, with a fever of 103.5 and a very swollen elbow that came up over night. It's so painful he cannot use the leg at all. The other front leg he is standing on is so down in the pastern that his ankle practically hits the ground. He's still all humped up (as you can see in the pics) and is a scared, unhappy puppy. He has a long tail and dew claws, so his breeder didn't bother to spend the time and money to have him done. It takes a *lot* of coaxing to get a little wag out of him. His appetite is good, he's on antibiotics, tagamet and puppy rimadyl, so we are waiting to see how he does the next few days.
UPDATE: Oscar was adopted right away and showed marked improvement in the next week. He is now neutered and docked and very happy.

10-09: Joy Joy is an old grey gal dumped by her owner at the pound. She looks like she's had puppies and needed to be spayed. Due to her age and size, her spay was expensive, even with our rescue discount and she had complications with the stitches and had to be re-stitched. This put our rescue account into the red, which it still hasn't recovered from. She went to a new home willing to give her love for her remaining years as soon as her stitches were out. The old ones dumped like that are among our saddest cases.

Fiona was a very poorly bred boxer with a huge underbite and bad conformation. She was one of our early rescues, and went into a loving home.

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