Buying a Moosewood Puppy

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First: we breed *only* to better the boxer breed; not for money, not because puppies are *cute*, not because the breed is currently popular. We **love** boxers, and want our boxers to be the best representatives of the breed with the healthiest lines we can produce. Our boxers are our kids, and because they are all special to us, we want the absolutely best homes possible for them. This means families dedicated to their dogs, their welfare, health and comfort. This also includes premium grade dog foods, regular vet care, training in at least basic obedience and being a member of your family.

What this *does not* include is buying a puppy just for breeding even if you only want to have *one litter*, using pups strictly as a money making venture, or leaving it unattended and alone in a yard or garage. A pet puppy is sold as a pet only and comes with a contract that includes humane care and spay/neuter. Any potential breeding pups are sold for show purposes and/or on a co-ownership until such time as they prove themselves worthy of breeding, and pass all health tests or are spayed/neutered. This is one way we assure that Moosewood dogs will stay high quality and contribute only the best genes to the boxer gene pool.

We do a 24 hr holter monitor to look for AVRC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy: a *big* problem in the breed and screened for every 2 years), Auscultation and/or color doppler for SAS (Subaortic stenosis), Thyroid screening for low thyroid, hip screening, eyes screening as necessary (our Foundation bitch was CERF certified), xray for spondylosis and the genetic test for DM (degenerative mylopathy). Other tests may be added as we learn more about boxer health issues. These tests are expensive, but absolutely necessary. A general *she/he is healthy* by a vet is NOT good enough. We often ship our girls to the best stud for her; the stud we choose has to have excellent conformation, and his pedigree must compliment the girl's. Euro bred dogs must still meet all health and conformation criteria. Boxers are one of the breeds afflicted with a lot of serious health issues; the average lifespan is only 10 years, and all too often even less.

We breed our dogs with an eye towards the show ring, as it is in that venue that we showcase our breeding program.

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