Our Boxer Puppies

Here are the puppies first conformation pictures.
They are at 5 1/2 weeks old in these pictures, and weights are between 6 and 8 1/2 pounds.

Topaz on Ice head

The small girl, Amy. She's more squarely built than her sister but very petite, and a fearless thing that gives as good as she gets to her bigger brothers...pretty tough for the runt of the litter! Her nickname is *The Mouth* because she's very vocal when she wants something - which usually is to be picked up and taken to the living room.

Moosewood's Black Saphyre Here is the bigger girl. At 10 weeks, she weighed 15 1/2 pounds. She is leaner in build with a bit less white, and we call her our ballerina since she is such a pretty mover. She is also very insistant on getting your attention and being held, and she loves to gaze right into your eyes. She was the first puppy to jump off the floor looking to get picked up, and the first to learn *fetch* at 3 1/2 weeks! We are named her Black Saphyre, Sophie, for short.

Moosewood's Full Monty This is the big boy of the bunch. He weighed 20 ounces at birth, and has grown faster, and stayed larger than the other pups, including the first to cut teeth. At 5 1/2 weeks, he weighed about 8 1/2 pounds; and at 10 weeks, he weighed over 19 pounds. He is a very bold pup, and when taken outside, loves to investigate interesting stuff. He is also very affectionate, and intelligent, and may make a good Obedience prospect. Monty is now living with a large family and 4 kids in Anchorage.

Moosewoods Little Big Man This is the smallest male. He was a bit behind the other pups in growth, until he started eating solid food. Since then, he has caught up. He's a lighter built pup, and very much the cuddle bug, loves to sit in your lap and lick you. He loves to torment the kitties, and bark at them (brave little boy!) Little Man is now living with a young couple in Anchorage. Another fellow who had a boxer as a child, and couldn't bear to live without one as an adult!

Moosewoods Night Raider This is our smaller flashy male. He was the last pup born, appearing at 6pm. This is one of the pups we kept for our show prospect, as he has a wonderful head, and his cobby body so far, is looking pretty nice. He's turning into the cat stalker, making kitty lives miserable; they are pretty tolerant of him jumping on them, though he occasionally gets his face boxed. He's the first to wake up, and the last to go to sleep, and has the most energy of all the pups. He's also very attached to me, and fancies himself my protector.

Cruiser This is Cruiser. He's a red brindle, and came by his name because he was the first puppy to really get the walking thing down. He would cruise around the whelping box like the white rabbit, late for a very important date! He is a laid back puppy with a sweet disposition, but does like picking on the girls. Cruiser is now the center of attention of a young family on the island of Wrangell, and the source of amusement for a couple little girls.

Sherman This is Sherman, he was the second largest puppy in the litter. He got his name in reference to a *Sherman Tank* because he's such a beefy guy. He is a very good looking puppy with great a head, but also our plainest pup, so a show career may not be in the cards for him. Sherman is an out going puppy, always the most active and last to go to sleep. He loves attention, and is already coming consistantly when called. He has a kind disposition, I believe he will make a good Obedience dog. Sherman is currently living with *his* boy, Zach, on Kodiak Island.

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