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No, it's not snow. It's the guts of a big feather dog pillow that the dogs decided to disembowel one evening. We had a heck of a time getting all those feathers up by snow shovel and shop-vac. I still find feathers in the house. Needless to say, the dogs had a good time and pooped out feathers for a day or 2.

This boy decided the couch pillow was fair game, and disemboweled it one day when mom wasn't watching. Notice how pleased he is with his work. Well, heck, he was bored, and what better toy than a big, fluffy pillow. You'll find this a *favorite* pass time of bored boxers.

This is what the head of the main stairs into my living area looks like after a few puppies used it for teething. The dogs seem to have an attraction for chewing on wood things, and have destroyed a wood dumbell for retrieving, several wood clothespins, pencils (and pens), and tried to chew on the coffee table (but were caught!) They have even killed a small pine tree in the dog yard by chewing on the trunk.

Here is a section of my Lazyboy couch that had a seam come loose. When the puppies discovered it, it became a great game to rip the stuffing out. Now it's sitting in the garage waiting to go to the repair shop. At least I didn't lose the entire stuffing.

What was *once* a nice expensive crate pad. Mia did this when crated for a short period when we went to town. She peferred to tear up the pad than chew on her chew stick. We were not amused when we got home. Mia now gets cheap blankets from Goodwill.

Just a very small sampling of the various destroyed toys waiting for repair. It seems to be a never ending job as they just tear them up again. Best toys: rope bones, anything Kong, ovesize tennis balls.

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