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Chip and one of his daughters

Breaking news!
We are currently have puppies from our Euro boy Riley (Elwood Black Knight at Moosewood, CA) and Lizzie (CH Moosewood Kinky Boots, CAA).
5 boys (3 available) and 2 girls (1 available), all brindles

Occasionally we have adult dogs we are placing in pet homes. These are retired dogs or dogs that ended not being shown.
Surrently available are Lizzie, Emmy, Pia and Zoey. Contact us for more information.

Fill out an application to get on the waiting list and news on available puppies and adults.

We will be retiring from breeding this year. We may have 1 more litter from Desi (sire still to be chosen).

*Please do not contact me for a puppy if all you are interested in is one color or a breeding dog*. Pet puppies are sold only on a spay/neuter contract, potential show puppies are my only breeding potentials. This is to keep the boxer up to it's breed standard and produce the best quality/healthiest dogs. Pets are placed in carefully screened homes where I try to fit the puppy and family personalities together. Health and temperament should be your first choice when it comes to your puppy.

A Litter Diary We are starting a diary of the expenses related to producing our litter from Sophie and Otis (due Feb 14th, 05). This is part of our effort of education as to the cost of producing quality puppies and the various expenses that show up for a responsible breeder who takes the time, knowledge and expense of doing it right. We will try update it regularly (update: big litter; got too tired to finish it!).

Puppy and Rescue Application

PH: (907) 745-0357

Honey's Rescue


Currently looking for homes: none at this time, but can change at a moment's notice

Current & Recent rescues

We firmly believe that as breeders, we have an obligation to the unwanted of our breed. Often these dogs are from what are popularly called *backyard breeders*, but they can just as easily be from other show breeders. They show up as rescues for a variety of reasons, often because of lack of training and socialization, owners who had no clue how demanding boxers could be, or circumstances beyond the control of the family. These cast offs need the help and support of all ethical breeders, so we do our part to help. Check out the page above for one of our rescues, Honey, who was also our first bad medical case. We are currently soliciting people to provide foster homes for some of these dogs. More and more are ending up needing new homes due to the popularity of the breed, which has meant more people breeding poor quality boxers just for the money. Unfortunately, they will sell puppies to anyone, and sometimes, a boxer is just not the right breed for these folks. If you can help by fostering, retraining and helping to find new forever homes for these dogs, please email us,

We have limited funds for rescue and fund raising is always a challenge, so to raise money for the rescues that need vet care (and many have needed some), we have items we sell through Smug Mug.

We have many beautiful photos listed on Smug Mug that Roger Hale has taken over the years around Alaska and at various dog shows and events. Pictures can be purchased as prints or on many items like mugs, shirts, mouse pads and much more through the site. *Proceeds go into the rescue account.* I have ordered a few items, including mugs, and been very happy with the quality.

The last rescue (Joy), an old female dumped by her owner at the pound- had to be spayed and drained our account into the red; so donations directly to our vet are also welcome (state Boxer Rescue on donation- Hales). The vet's website is All Creatures in Wasilla, AK.

Sophie's first litter, 7-11-02

2 of our boys winning back to back in Fairbanks, 5-29-06
Moosewood's Snazzy Jazz from the 12-18mo class,
and Moosewood's Double Exposure from the 6-9mo class

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