rescue girl

rescue girl

I got home from the dog show on 6-26, with a message on my machine about a boxer hit by a car and owner, unwilling to deal with vet bills, released her to Animal Control. If a rescue person didn't take her, she was going to be put down as Animal Control does not deal with injured animals. So after picking her up at the local vet, we spent the rest of the afternoon at my vet with her.

She is right now laying down in my entry way, which is the easiest in and out door for pottying, on a quilt. Plain fawn 2yo unspayed, *cute* face, natural ears. She looks like a truck ran over the top of her and dragged her. *Big* road rash on the butt and one side with a couple spots of black skin that might slough, but not too bad. Lots of bruising and swelling, but pelvis and hips okay. The leg: Inside of left hock was road rashed right down to the hock bone and part of the bone ground away. Ligament on the inside gone along with the vein and joint is completely unstable. But, not too dirty, and blood flow to foot is good. We slopped a ton of Silvadene on a pad and wrapped her in a soft cast with hock support from an aluminum cast piece. Whole time we are working on her, not a peep, whimper growl or anything; just some concern when we started wrapping as that hurt. Only resistance was she got stiff. This is the **sweetest** girl, I can't tell you how cavity making sweet. Vet says if the joint stays uninfected, and we get good fill and scar tissue, that *might* be enough to stabilize the joint and that will be it. If the joint stays unstable, it will need to be fused, but he has a good method for that. Costs alone without clinic fees will be around $500 for that, as my good guy vet won't charge for his time and probably for 25% of the supplies, too. If we have terrible luck and the leg dies or gets a bone infection, she may have to be amputated. This one is worth saving, and a potential home is already waiting pending her medical outcome over the next couple weeks. Her name is Notion, which she doesn't appear to respond to and I don't like any name that starts with *No*. We are currently calling her Honey B.

UPDATE: Honey is in her new *forever* home!
Thanks to everyone who made it possible for Honey to get her surgery and for their support. Honey is now in her new home in Anchorage, with another boxer and old cocker for playmates and a very dedicated family. Pictures and a thank you page to known donators coming soon.
See a PIC of Honey with her vet and new owner, Cindy.

UPDATE: 10-12
Honey's hock hasn't got enough good bone after her accident to fuse properly. It looks like the pins will have to be removed, and she will need a bone graft with plates. The specialist is quoting $2500 to $3000 for the new surgery. She is truly a million dollar dog! Through out all this, she continues to be a happy butt wriggling girl, dedicated to her new family, who are just as dedicated to get her through this. Truly pure Boxer Angels.

Update: 2006: Honey's second surgery was a rousing sucess, but she has now been diagnosed with the boxer heart problem AVRC. It seems so unfair that she would also have to deal with this, and her family is heart broken that they may lose her too early. Hopefully, DR Muers (the specialist studing this disease, and whom they will be consulting) will help her to live a long life.

Updates on Honey: last updated: 1-06

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