Boxer Puppies

Rosie and 4 pups Don't smell crotches, don't eat plants.
Don't steal food or underpants.
Don't eat my socks, don't grab my hair...
Don't eat those peas, don't touch that bush,
Don't chew my shoes, what IS this mush?!?
Eat your cookies, drink your drink,
Outta the toilet! Outta the sink!
(and must you kiss me after that?!?)
Raising a puppy is not for the lazy,
Those rugrats are funny but also quite crazy.
Don't despair through the toil and the strife,
'Cause after three years you'll get back your life!
So let's go for walkies, so you can do your "thing",
And maybe I'll get back my good diamond ring!

InterNat'l CH Bix-L's Mia Bella Rosa and puppies.

new born Rosie's litter was born between noon and 6 pm of September 1, 1999. We have 5 boys, 2 girls, all brindles. 2 of the boys are flashy, the others have minimal white. Most of the puppies weighed 16 ounces, with one big boy at 20 ounces and 2 smaller pups. Rosie had an easy whelp, and is trying to figure out this motherhood business. 7 puppies are a challenge to feed, so we have a warming pad in the box, keeping the pups nursing in 2 shifts (less fighting for the desirable teats that way.) Rosie is totally fixated on the pups for now, only eating and drinking if I bring it to her. Hopefully, the novelty will wear off soon and she will be easier to get to eat! For now, we are both sleep deprived as we make sure no puppies get squished, and everybody gets a full tummy.

Newborns, all in a row.

flashy boys The puppies at 1 week old, and the 2 flashy boys.

3 weeks The little girl The puppies at 3 weeks. Rosie is much less obsessive of them, and prefers to sleep most of the night in our bedroom away from them. They are learning to bark, growl and show dominance to their litter mates. Personalities are definately showing! On the right is the small female.

4 weeks

At 4 weeks, puppies discover Eukanuba's Weaning
Formula...really good stuff!

5 1/2 weeks

Here 5 of them are at 5 1/2 weeks.
After the photo session and play time,
it's crash time.

To see conformation photos of the puppies at 5 1/2 weeks,
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